it's a title, not a name.
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swiggity swagger chelsea dagger

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chicago blackhawks playoff beards (+ mustache)

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Ah yes one mistake and lets take him out of the lineup. If thats how all of you are gonna be, see yourself out. Have some fucking faith. One mistake doesnt take you out. If that were the case, Brandon would have been out quite a bit this season. Yet he wasnt. Mistakes happen. While its unfortunate, thats not the entire reason we lost. Key players didnt step up. Go fucking look at them before you blame Bollig. Hockey is a mother fucking team sport you asswipes. A team wins together, and loses together. Stop fucking blaming one person, and stop calling for Bollig to be replaced. He’s done more in 2 games than Stalberg did for 3 fucking rounds. God damn.

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“That’s pretty much what I was telling myself the whole OT.”

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